Toyota, Audi Prep Self-Driving Cars


Toyota Motor Corp. and Audi AG are throwing their hats into the ring of potential suppliers of self-driving vehicles.

Both auto makers confirmed on Thursday that they will be demonstrating autonomous-driving features at the Consumer Electronics Show in the coming week, signaling a new effort to raise the technology’s profile among consumers.

In a preview video posted to its website on Thursday, Toyota showed a five-second clip of one of its Lexus brand cars outfitted with various sensors and the caption, “Lexus advanced active safety research vehicle is leading the industry into a new automated era.”

Game Makers Push to Make Ratings Consistent Across All Platforms


Videogames have long been rated for violence and sexual imagery, but the situation is different for games played on social networks or mobile devices. Some prominent players are pushing for change—and consistency.

John Riccitiello, chief executive of game maker Electronic Arts Inc. and chairman of the Entertainment Software Association, on Wednesday plans to challenge the industry to begin constructing a singular ratings system for games on all mediums.

Instead of an industrywide rating system, individual companies with online stores for mobile or social-networking games, such as Apple Inc., have created their own. But each app store has its own rules and ways to describe what’s in a game, offering potentially inconsistent reviews.